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Going above and beyond with our client service to keep you updated in the market is our number one goal. From when we connect and start the process we will be there as we find, view, buy and/or build your dream property together here in Muskoka and Simcoe. Our services do not end when the transaction is complete, on the contrary, the journey we’re sharing together has just begun!

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We always advise clients that you can’t know if the property is going to work for you until we take the time to sit on the dock and absorb the area and atmosphere. With our non-rushed luxury buyer system. We’ll introduce you to luxury waterfront properties for sale on our website and throughout the best areas in Simcoe and Muskoka, if any catch your eye, we’ll go for a walk through together to see if they’re a fit.

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We are dedicated and excited to offer life long advice and support to all our clientele here in Simcoe and Muskoka. As you think of real estate in Simcoe or Muskoka you know we are only one phone call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you’re thinking about your search for a Simcoe Muskoka cottage, it’s our role to be here and available to share our expertise. There are many factors that go into identifying the best Simcoe Muskoka cottages. Some include: location, lake size, usable water frontage, lot size, access, lakefront sun exposure, number of steps to the water etc.

What plays a vitally important role also is how you plan to use the cottage. When you work with The Bemmann Team we listen to your situation and help tailor the search based on what we hear. Factors we look and listen for is; how long of a drive before it becomes too far from home? Do you have kids? Are you a member of Club Link? Do you plan to use the cottage for 2 weeks or year round?

We’ve chosen three important factors to briefly expand on:

Lakefront Sun Exposure – When on the dock, ‘exposure’ plays an important role in determining how much sun will be on the dock and if you’ll be getting a sunrise, sunset or all day sun in front of your cottage. Most buyers will say the West is the Best, which provides evening sunsets nearly year round. Not to be overlooked are some of the other exposures such as South for all day overhead fun in the sun. Ask our team about why other exposures can be excellent choices and make incredible Simcoe Muskoka cottages.

Number of Steps – This is an important factor we consider and work with our client to determine the best fit. The less steps generally the better, with less steps it connects the waterfront to the cottage more seamlessly. Allowing you to easily overlook the kids in the water from the cottage deck or quickly nip back into the cottage because you forgot a drink for yourself! For family friendly cottage enjoyment for all ages we always consider less steps a positive.

Feet of Water frontage Owned – The owned water frontage is a key measurement on the lot as this will determine multiple facets of your cottage experience. Firstly the greater feet you own the more you will be able to develop on your shoreline for a bigger dock and boathouse. Secondly but equally important is how private your cottage will feel. The amount of feet you own, the curvature of the shoreline, the exposure, and lot grade can add or detract from how private your cottage is. When you work with The Bemmann Team our agents are experts in identifying the best fit.

When searching in Muskoka and Simcoe County, a surprise to some comes when seeing the price difference between cottages on smaller water bodies versus Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph and Lake Rosseau. The critical distinction is land value. Location Location Location. What makes these lakes so different and desirable is three fold. Firstly, being classified as Category 1 lakes, the bylaw gives these lakes special development privileges, most importantly the highly coveted two storey boathouse being permitted. Secondly, the lake chain system. The size of each one of the ‘Big Three’ lakes and the connectivity to each other through the river systems in Port Carling & Sandfield expands the boating and space to explore. Lastly, the social factor. Having nearly 500 kilometers of combined shoreline, these lakes are the most populated and largest. The social circles between friends boating to each other’s cottages, watersports, meeting up to fish, or setting a destination in town to dock and go for an evening dinner or boutique shopping is a very desirable lifestyle option not offered by other lake systems. These are three of the top reasons why the free market has seen an influx of individuals throughout North America choosing these Simcoe Muskoka Lakes for their cottage/recreational lifestyle.

Often overlooked is the commitment required to properly care for your Simcoe Muskoka Cottage. With cottage ownership, it goes beyond the simplicity of city living. When you close on a cottage it is important to understand the difference between the home systems, maintenance and some costs that will need to be kept up to date with and used properly in order to maximize the life of the systems and use of the property.

Some to consider: Home Maintenance, Road/Driveway Snow clearing, Maintenance on boats, Lake association fees. Most importantly, rural properties will likely be running on a septic system and well/lake water system, maintaining water systems with the proper care is critical to the lifespan of the systems and inner workings of the cottage.

Below we have a brief introduction to the townships with water frontage on the Muskoka Lakes. Every property zoning and township is slightly different and may have specific requirements that are unique to your property, the information below can be used as a guideline to what is generally permitted on unrestricted waterfront zoning designations but we encourage you to reach out and we can help investigate together! *Bylaws subject to change 

Muskoka Lakes – In Muskoka Lakes Township, on the ‘Big Three’ (Muskoka, Rosseau, Joseph). Shoreline construction is categorized by the straightline frontage (S.L.F) owned and development is increased the larger the frontage you own to a set maximum. In Muskoka Lakes  understand that with under 300’ of straight line water frontage a Two storey boathouse is not permitted.

In Muskoka lakes the maximum length a boathouse is 50’ and the maximum width the shoreline  can be developed is 16% of the Straight Line frontage on the lot up to a maximum of 75’ (the lesser of the two). With over 300’ of the Straight Line frontage you are permitted to have a second storey on your boathouse.

That said, the maximum dock size permitted is an important metric to understand as well. Maximum length for your dock is 66’  and the maximum width permitted is the lesser of 25% S.L.F or 75′. Your boathouse can be designed to your liking within the 66’ X 75’ dock footprint.

Seguin – For shoreline development in Seguin maximum allowable width is the lesser of 25% of the straight line frontage or 75’ shall be occupied by shoreline structures (dock & boat house). The maximum length of the dock is not to extend more than 50’ into the Lake.

Regarding Boathouse development, maximum length for a boathouse is a 36’ and a maximum width of 36’. Unless your owned frontage is greater than 525’ in which case the width can be extended to 50’ for the boathouse. Maximum height allowable is 21.9’ for the two storey structure.

Gravenhurst – Maximum dock size allowable in Gravenhurst is 50’ X 75’. The shoreline development width is in accordance with how many feet of water frontage is owned. Less than 100’ = 21’ max width, Less than 195’ = 41’ max width, More than 195’ = 75’ max width of shoreline construction permitted.

For a  2-Storey boathouse on Lake Muskoka the required frontage is 295’ which allows a 500 sq.ft. enclosed sleeping cabin in addition to a 270 sq.ft covered deck area.

Bracebridge – In Bracebridge, maximum total shoreline development dimensions for the dock is 65’ length X 72’ wide width.

For maximum boathouse size development a 295’ water frontage lot is needed which allows for the maximum shoreline construction of 49’ in length X  72’ in total width on a boathouse build.

It is important to note that exemptions exist and the information above are the general permissions on the most free zoning classifications. To understand your property best – reach out and we can provide information on your unique situation as well as connect with official township planners and builders.

In this section we will briefly detail a few key aspects and differences when building your cottage or lake house in each township  surrounding the Muskoka Lakes. 

Seguin – The maximum lot coverage in Seguin township is set by how much water frontage you own. Less than 100 feet of water frontage the lot coverage percentage is 10%.  Under 200’ the lot percentage is 8%. The more frontage you have gradually the less percent coverage you are permitted to a minimum of 5% reached at 525’+. Setbacks from the waterfront for your new construction are required to be 66’ set back from the water, maximum build height in Seguin is 33’

Muskoka Lakes –  10% lot coverage throughout the zoning variations, waterfront development setbacks are 66’, maximum dwelling height in Muskoka Lakes township is 35’.

Gravenhurst – 13% lot coverage within 195′ of lot depth or if there are buildings located more than 195’ in depth on the lot then 13% lot coverage of total lot is permitted. Maximum height for a dwelling is 24’ in Gravenhurst unless constructing an A-frame where the maximum height is 34’

Bracebridge – 15% lot coverage within the first 200’ of depth on the lot or if buildings are located further than 200’ of depth in the lot than lot coverage is 15% of the total lot size. Minimum waterside setback in Bracebridge is 66’, maximum height to be built in Bracebridge is 29.5’.

To understand your property best – reach out and we can provide information on your unique situation as well as connect with official township planners and builders.

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